About the Workshops

As a gamer you may have heard that improv is very applicable to roleplaying. It’s true! Improvisational acting teaches many skills that can make your game rock, like enthusiastic collaboration, creating dynamic characters, and taking risks. Our workshops highlight those skills (and more!) as they apply to roleplaying games through fun and easy improv exercises. Beginners to improv are welcome and encouraged!

We’ve been running these workshops since 2012 at conventions and in game stores all over the country. You might have seen us at Go Play Northwest, KublaCon, Big Bad Con, Origins, or Living Games!

Improv for Gamers

This introduction to improv looks at its core values (the “Yes, And” rule) and its crossover with roleplay gaming. Participants will practice some simple skills—listening, collaborating, making interesting choices, and fearless risk-taking—that are going to enhance your gaming experience.

Improv for Game Masters

We designed this workshop with gamemasters in mindhow to keep the story dynamic, full of energy, and on time. Participants will practice world building, pacing and cutting scenes, and working together as an ensemble to share focus.

Improv for Larpers

Participants will explore improv skills that are specifically applicable to larpingshifting status, creating compelling relationships, managing scenes with more than three people, and working with invisible objects.

Customized Workshops

We also offer private workshops tailored to specific skill sets. If you are interested in bringing us to you, email us at improvforgamers@gmail.com!

Improv for Gamers: the Book

We want to share some of our favorite exercises with you! Evil Hat Productions will be publishing Improv for Gamers in 2018, a handy dandy workbook full of exercises you can try out at home with your friends. Be the first to get your hands a copy by signing up for our mailing list!

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