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chickflick-2012-2-25_0787Karen Twelves took her first improv class in 2008 and has been gaming since high school. She has performed with multiple troupes in the Bay Area and gamed at cons from coast to coast. Karen was one of the founders of GM Throwdown, a competitive GM event, now re-branded as Big Bad GM and run at Big Bad Con 2012-2014. In addition to developing Improv for Gamers, she also teaches Improv for Everybody.

Karen is also a copy editor and has a blast working on games for awesome publishers like Evil Hat Productions, Bully Pulpit Games, Transhuman Studios, and Thorny Games. You can learn more about her love of language-wrangling at karentwelves.com.

She loves playing one-shot narrative games with epic wins and disastrous fails, and will tell you all about her Duelist character from a truly epic “Kingmaker” Pathfinder campaign.

Jennifer B. Warner is from Tennessee and came to California for a theater internship in 2006. She has worked with Pan Theater in Oakland where she was a member of Awkward Face, and with Endgames Improv and the Mitch Green Show in San Francisco. She has also appeared as a guest performer in the Un-Scripted Theater Company.

Jennifer got into gaming a few years ago with a game of Fiasco and hasn’t looked back, and is particularly fond of Monsterhearts.

FullSizeRenderMatthew Klein arrived at improv via roleplaying games. In 2008 he saw his beloved RPG hobby in a whole new light after experiencing story games at Go Play Northwest in Seattle. Humbled by the scene-setting and characterization skills on display, he enrolled at BATS Improv to learn the craft and was instantly hooked. He has performed on stage a few times but mostly uses improv on the job with teams (and comes running to co-facilitate Improv for Gamers when Karen whistles).

Matthew loves Apocalypse World and its various spin-offs, and any game John Harper or Bully Pulpit produces.

chickflick-2012-2-25_0891Mia Blankensop grew up in Alaskawhich she thought was completely normal until she moved to foggy California. She’s performed improv for over a decade, taught since 2010, and studied under instructors from Gotham City Improv, IO, and UCB. She is one of the founders of Oakland’s fierce, all-women troupe Chick Flick and an ensemble member of Un-Scripted Theater Company. Mia was introduced to gaming by Karen in 2010 and has loved playing ever since!

She enjoys Until We Sink, Burning Wheel, Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, Fate, Pathfinder, and is always, always up for a good game of Fiasco.

Special Thanks
A big shout-out to Sean Nittner for managing the website and everything else on the back-end, and to Jason Morningstar for our kick-ass website graphics.

Huge thanks to Bully Pulpit Games for supporting our workshop launch; to EndGame in Oakland, California, for being an amazing game store and hosting our events alongside their weekend Magic tournaments; and to the conventions that always find a space for us to make some noise.


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