What People are Saying

Improv for Gamers:

“It was a ton of fun and can only benefit everyone’s future play experiences.”

“Fantastic, a lot of fun. The exercise length felt excellent, it ended just past the peak of excitement, but before it got played out.”

“Excellent, Excellent Workshop”

“My gaming will be so much better now. Thank you!”

“I also totally recommend this!!! This was SO much fun in addition to being highly educational!” –Blane B.

“That was awesome. Thank you, all!” –Noam R.

“Nicely presented today and my goodness I won my first con prize in several years. I’d like to thank my agent and my producer.” –Shannon M.

“Terrific event. Thanks for Sean, Mia, Karen, and Matt for their work and presentation. And I learned stuff too!” –Vanessa B.

“Martin and I had a really great time at the workshop! He’s super into Fiasco now, it really got him excited.” –Elizabeth B.

“It was fabulous!  Thank you for organizing this!  The teachers, game-facilitators and everyone involved did a great job.  They made at least this n00b feel comfortable and even have fun pushing her boundaries.” vMeilin W.

“I had a great time, and now I have a fabulous vehicle for introducing my wife to gaming!” –Sean S.

“One of the best gaming experiences ever.” –Eric Z.

Improv for GMs:

“Thanks to you and everyone making Improv for Gamers Workshop happen! It was a great time.” –Colin F.

“Such a blast & I learned stuff too. I’m now a 2nd level Improv Gm. Beware, y’all.” –Matt S.

“Thanks! I really enjoyed the Level 2 workshop Saturday! When is Level 3?” –Dale H.

“It was awesome. Looking forward to applying beats and editing (finding the best scene end) to my games ASAP!” –Tim S.

“Excellent workshop, highly recommended for GMs and players alike. It changed my approach to gaming.” –Michael G.


Improv for Larpers:

“I loved how positive the space was. Wonderful to be surrounded by nothing but mutual appreciation.” –Adrienne M.

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